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Vecchi I. ITALIAN CAST COINAGE con inediti e nuove attribuzioni

Vecchi I. ITALIAN CAST COINAGE con inediti e nuove attribuzioni
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ITALIAN CAST COINAGE Italo Vecchi con esemplari inediti e nuove attribuzioni.

Monete antiche italiane dal VII° al III° secolo a.C. pp. 84+ 90 tavole .

A descriptive catalogue of the cast bronze coinage and its struck counterparts in ancient Italy from the 7th to 3rd centuries BC . © 2013 Italo Vecchi First Published in 2013 by London Ancient Coins Ltd

CONTENTS Preface 5 Introduction 7 Glossary of Terms 9 Metrology and Dating 12 Chronology 14 Abbreviations and Bibliography 17 Catalogue: Early bronze currency Aes rude 23 Currency bars 26 Figural currency bars 28 The Roman Republic Currency bars 29 Coins 31 Etruria Tarquinii 41 Volaterrae 42 Uncertain of Inland Etruria 45 Uncertain of Etruria or Umbria 52 Umbria Ameria 53 Iguvium 53 Tuder 55 North-Eastern Italy Ariminum 57 Hatria 58 Firmum 59 The Vestini 59 Central Italy Carsioli 61 Praeneste (?) 61 Reate 61 Anonymous series 62 Issues not in recognisable series 63 Samnium Meles 68 Northern Apulia Ausculum 69 Luceria 69 Venusia 71 Northern Lucania Volcei 73 Uncertain of Samnium or Lucania 74 Appendix Bronze objects 76 Indexes 77 List of illustrations 80 Plates 1-90

PREFACE It has been 35 years since Bradbury Thurlow and I published a handbook on Italian cast coinage which attempted to summarise the material previously published by Crawford (RRC), Thomsen (ERC), Sydenham (AG) and Haeberlin (1910), a monumental work that after 103 years is still the standard works of reference for this coinage, and itself relied heavily on the pioneering work of Garrucci (1885) for provenances and mint identifications. Since then a multitude of specialist studies has been published dealing with many of the issuing authorities of cast coinage. In 1985 Crawford published Coinage and Money under the Roman Republic (CMRR), an all-embracing introduction to coinages in central Italy at the time of the Roman Republic included an important comparative study of cast issues. This was followed in 1987 by Burnett, Coinage in the Roman World, a very useful introduction to the adoption of coinage by Rome from about 300 BC. Finally, after many years in preparation, Historia Nummorum Italy (HNItaly) was published in 2001, a radical revision and updating the Italian section of the 1911 second version of Barclay HeadÕs Historia Numorum (HN2), with N.K. Rutter as the principal editor and with the collaboration of the most eminent numismatists in the field of Italian numismatics. The aim of this new edition of Italian Cast Coinage (ICC) is to summarise the research on ItalyÕs cast bronze coinage over the last 30 years and add to it the publication of previously unknown types. Although it generally follows the geographical arrangement of HNItaly, the catalogue starts with the coinage of the Roman Republic, the dominant regional power, which maintained a unique unbroken sequence of cast issues from currency bars to the final devaluations and transition to a fiduciary bronze coinage. The weight range and census of most issues is drawn from Haeberlin, but where possible new and more complete studies have been taken into consideration. Hoards and single find spots have been cited for rare, important and unattributed coins and, in addition, a full listing of Etruscan hoards and finds will be included in Etruscan Coinage II, forthcoming. The terms aes signatum and aes grave have been avoided as it is now clear that what the ancient sources mean is quite different from that which was understood by 19th and 20th century numismatists. All dates are BC unless otherwise stated. Italo Vecchi, London rasnazich2012@gmail.com I would like to acknowledge the generous help I have deceived in compiling the material in this catalogue from the following friends and colleagues: Dario Avagliano, Stefano Bani, Paolo del Bello, Andrew Burnett, Andrea Cavicchi, Peter Clayton, Carlo Maria Fallani, Herbert Kreindler, Richard Beale, Andrew McCabe, Paul Munro Walker, the late Enzo Ponte, Roberto Russo, Christian Schaack, Daniele Treglia, David Vagi, Jennifer Vecchi- Gomez, Vincenzo Vellucci, Rick Witschonke and all the private collectors who perforce remain anonymous.


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